Training services in the health control field for fishery and aquaculture products in Algeria


Страна: Алжир
Язык: EN FR
Номер: 155847
Дата публикации: 17-02-2017
Источник: TED
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1.Publication reference:EuropeAid/138154/IH/SER/DZ.

2.Date of publication of the contract notice:6.8.2016.

3.Number and title of the lot:Not applicable.

4.Contract number and value:No ENPI/2016/382-709 — value: 1 447 800 EUR.

5.Date of contract award:14.12.2016.

6.Number of tenders received:7.

7.Overall score of selected tender:98,92.

8.Name, address and nationality of the successful tenderer:Sofreco, 92-98 boulevard Victor Hugo, 92115 Clichy Cedex, FRANCE.

9.Contract duration:22 months.

10.Contracting authority:Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries — MADRP (Ministère de l"agriculture, du développement rural et de la pêche), Algiers, ALGERIA.

11.Legal basis:Regulation (EU) No 236/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11.3.2014 laying down common rules and procedures for the implementation of the Union"s instruments for financing external action.Regulation (EU) No 232/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11.3.2014 establishing a European Neighbourhood Instrument.

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